Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Wednesday Comics: Recent Collection Purchases

New comics have been pretty slim pickings over the pandemic, but I've still managed to pick up several collections over the weeks. Here are some high points:

Weird Western Tales: Jonah Hex
DC published two black & white Showcase Presents volumes (which are great), but this is the first time we've got these reprints in color.

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume One
I talked about Don Lawrence's Storm quite a bit here. This is a science fiction title he did for many years prior.


JB said...

Mm-mm-mm. 1970s Jonah Hex. "Weird Western" introduced me to that guy back in my youth (I'd find my uncles' comics laying around my grandmother's house in Montana). I'll need to pick up a Hex collection one of these days.

Trigo Empire isn't one I've heard of, but looks intriguing. Is it post-apocalyptic?

Trey said...

Not that I can tell in my cursory reading.