Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dungeons of High Strangeness

Or High Weirdness, though that term might get it confused with "the weird," as in weird fiction, which is not wholly unrelated, but not exactly what I'm thinking of here. What I'm envisioning is a dungeon with a science fantasy bent, but not the typical pulp fiction ray guns thing. The dungeon here is a relic of the past, but something along the lines of the Dulce Base of conspiracy theory, or maybe a larger version of the underground facilities of Lost's Dharma Initiative.

Perhaps these bases are a relic from before some cataclysm, or maybe remnant of some intrusion from an alternate world (as recent or as remote as you like). Whichever, they represent something not as straightforward as the typical pulp science past because it's inspired by different material: Project MontaukThe Philadelphia Experiment, or an number of fictional weird conspiracy experiments.

The characters with their pseudo-Medieval perspective, probably wouldn't understand, but the players will, and the idea of unravelling just what the deal is with dungeons might appeal.


thomhaha said...

Are you familiar with Kage Baker's novels of The Company? Discovering one of their facilities would qualify.

blvl said...

I like where you are going with this. The 5e Numenera book Arcana of the Ancients could potentially be useful to you, even if you aren't playing 5e.

Unrelated note- I'd love to see more Land of Azurth material.

Dick McGee said...

Good grief, the Project Pegasus map, that's some nostalgia. I used to subscribe to Marvel Two-In-One in my long-lost youth.