Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brain Games

Last nights WaRP Weird Adventures game opened with Erskine Loone getting an odd letter from an old grad school friend, William Carmody. Our heroes--joined by the mentally deficient pugilist Big Lenny--went over to Carmody's lab to see what was going on.  They find what's left of Carmody in the basement--and he asks them to solve his murder!

Carmody, at this point, is a brain floating in a vat of nutrients.  Only his scientific genius (and his trusty automaton Laurence) kept him alive.  Unfortunately, the trauma of his death and transformation left him with a good deal of memory loss.  He doesn't know who killed him.

He's got an idea as to why, though.  He's been working with an alien artifact in the form of a large dodecahedron.  He believes this could revolutionize the automata field, and so does his business partner, the aviator and inventor, Hew Hazzard.  Maybe Hazzard wanted the new technology all to himself?

Or maybe it's "Waxy" Moldoon--the Hell Syndicate boss Carmody borrowed start-up money from--that killed him.  He might want to get his mits on a valuable dingus like that.

Two good suspects--but Diabolico always wants to pin it on a dame. The one at hand (or not) is Carmody's  fiancée and lab assistant, Olimpia. She's now disappeared and Carmody thinks the murderer kidnapped her, but he doesn't really remember.

While they're trying to piece all this together, one of Carmody's automata prototypes becomes active somehow and goes on a short rampage.  Loone cuts the broadcast power just before it can decapitate Diabolico.

It's their first case in their own office, and looks like "Team Victory" has some dangerous work ahead.

Programming note: I'll be doing a Weird Adventures Q&A tonight at 8:00pm Eastern on rpgnet IRC. To join:  Go to, select your nick, login, and type "/join #rpgnet"


The Angry Lurker said...

Now that's weird and a good start!

Gus L said...

Robots are always trouble...

garrisonjames said...

Good luck with the Q&A!
this sounds like a great game session. Broadcast power can lead to all sorts of fun mischief...