Friday, August 31, 2012

Relax and Enjoy

Nothing goes better with a good beer than updates to the Weird Adventures Index.

You can check out a few monsters you might have missed, including the gill-men, the oh so sweet (and oh so deadly) candy zombies,  and the undead weirdness of the swarm of husks.  If travel reading is more what your in the mood for, then how about an exotic locale like Demiurge Island?  If you'd rather stay closer to home, you can enjoy that good beer in the bar at the Capricorn Hotel.

Maybe you like travels of a more metaphorical nature?  Then let the doors of perception open your third eye through the use of weird psychedelics or take a no less harrowing trip down some adventurer's photographic memory lane with the contents found in a shoebox.


The Angry Lurker said...

I could do with one about now!

Kaiju said...

I'm trying to decide if he's offering that glass to her in celebration of her tennis victory, or keeping it for himself.

Trey said...

Keeping it, I'd imagine. He's probably going to take the trophy, too.