Monday, August 20, 2012

Gimme Your Weird Adventures Contest

Back from Gen Con and ready to get to work on a long percolating idea: a companion to Weird Adventures.  To help lazy ol' me generate content, I’m turning to the time honored internet tradition of crowdsourcing--and sweetening the deal with a little competition.

Here’s what i’m looking for: give me your best adventure seed in the in the world of Weird Adventures.  Inspiration from the usual suspects (B-movies, pulp stories, comic books) is always appreciated, but whatever you think would work and highlights the fun elements of the setting. The seed can be for a sorter incidental

I want the entries in the following format:

Title: this should ideally be something pulpy and possibly hyperbolic.  The titles of the adventure seed boxed pieces in the book are good examples--and check out this old post on “weird menace” titles.
Tagline: a one sentence teaser like found on the contents page of some old pulp mags.
Set-up: a brief rundown of how the setting and situation of the adventure.
Highlights: a montage of the interesting/critical things in the adventure--important encounters, possible set-pieces, some evocative sensory fluff.

Ok, here’s a quick example:

“Burial On the Far Side of Hell”
An ancient plea brings the promise of riches and unimagined danger.
The Set-up: In a oddities museum, the PCs happen upon a Native mummy who puts out a psychic plea: “return me to my ancestral grounds for burial, and I'll show you the hidden riches of my people."  What the mummy does not know--and neither does anyone else--is that the road back now cuts through a dangerous stretch of badlands swallowed by a black dust elemental and crawling with black dust zombies.
Highlights: the fury of a malevolent storm; shambling,moaning zombies, all but invisible in the swirling, choking dust; an isolated town with desperate survivors are wholed up; a mad preacher fallen to worship of the demonic storm.

Easy! So give it your best shot. All of them I like will get included in the next Weird Adventures supplement (with full credit, of course), and everyone who’s entry makes the book will get a free pdf.  The best two entries will get either a $10 Amazon gift certificate or a hardcopy of Weird Adventures (whichever their preference).

All entries should be submitted by Monday September 17 at noon Eastern Time.  Email them to me at theinscrutabledr3 on gmail.


The Happy Whisk said...

Good luck to all the contestants.

Xyanthon said...

Sweet! I'll definitely have to take a stab at this one!

Gothridge Manor said...

I put out the word and I think I have one or two cool entries.

Trey said...

@Whisk - Thanks! Like the new Halloween look.

@Johnathan and Tim - I look forward to your entries! Thanks for spreading the word.

Jeremy Duncan said...

Can we submit multiple entries?

Trey said...

You can. Let's say no more than three entries a person.

Porky said...

I'll definitely have a go at this. Bold move too - another layer of interaction with the material.

Trey said...

I look forward to your entry. Like I said, I'll be getting something out of this, but I also like it that it gets people thinking about their Weird Adventures and not just my Weird Adventures.

garrisonjames said...

Interesting what all I've missed. Maybe there'll be a chance to put something together for this as I get caught-up again...

Trey said...

All be interested in seeing what you come up with.