Sunday, August 5, 2012

Found in a Shoebox

Cataloging of a deceased adventurer’s belongings revealed a shoebox full of assorted old photos.  A few held more than sentimental interest:

The Dark Manor
The most dangerous photo of the lot.  If stared at during night, the photo may open a portal to the pictured manor in a strange demi-realm shrouded in mist and populated by people who appeared to come from a gothic horror yarn. Anyone transported to the realm will be there for 24 hours on earth--though the exact time in the demi-realm is variable: anything from one night to a two weeks.

The Gold Women
A set of automata construct by a Staarkish thaumaturgist two centuries ago.  They disappeared from a private collection in Lutha during the Great War.  This photo has an address in Metropolis written on the back of it.

The Succubus
Naughty postcard from roughly 40 years ago.  It can be used to summon a succubus once per week if the incantation written on back is read and a few drops of the summoners blood (or other body fluid) is spilled into a circle draw on the floor.


Gothridge Manor said...

The Dark Manor sounds like a good name for a zine! The old school version of the Golden Girls. And a succubus. Hmm, or other bodily fluid? I think that would be the whole purpose of summoning one.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely little idea, and the top one alone could end up making its way into any number of games, each more terrifying than the last...

*insert evil laugh here*

Sean Robson said...

Awesome. I love the photo of the sinister looking manor. I can just imagine clouds starting to drift and trees to sway as I gaze upon it. Just before I get drawn in. Very creepy.

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

@Tim - Hmmm...I think just "The Manor" might work better. ;)

@Sean - Not to dispell the magic--but that's actually Hogwarts from the Universal Studios Island of Adventure amusement park! I took the photo myself then manipulated it to be all sinister looking.

Sean Robson said...

Nicely done, Trey! I never would have guessed that was Hogwarts.

Chris C. said...

Very cool "finds!"

Does the succubus drain the summoner's life energy, or does she just show a guy a good time?

Trey said...

A bit of both, I'd imagine. :)

christian said...

So...any way I could get a copy of that incantation to summon a succubus? It's, uh, purely for academic purposes.