Thursday, August 2, 2012

One WaRPed Character

Last night, part of the gaming crew met in virtual for a character creation session for our new Weird Adventures game using the WaRP system.  Tim and Chris recreated their previous Lorefinder characters using the new rules set.  As I expected, the only step even the slightest bit difficult was just getting into the mindset of the system--the actually creation part was very easy.  Here's Chris's Don Diabolico--Gentleman Thief:

Gentleman Thief (dapper clothes, shifty eyes) - 4
Good shot with a Pistol (steady grip) - 3
Skilled Driver (calm behind the wheel) - 3

Greedy (covetous gaze)

Get rich or die trying

In debt to the Hell Syndicate

Equipment: Natty attire, swordcane, concealable pistol, gloves.


garrisonjames said...

This looks fairly straightforward--and like a lot of fun. The more we fiddle-around with WaRP, the more it really seems to lend itself to a setting, once we got over the initial shock of the radical simplicity of no stats/usual attributes. It will be great to hear about your experience exploring The City with WaRP as we prepare to take a group into a WaRPed version of Wermspittle...

rainswept said...
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