Monday, December 10, 2012

Moon Goons

Moon Goons get their name from their faintly luminous, over-sized, heads (or masks), reminiscent of the Moon, and their behavior. Beyond the similarities of appearance, the moon goons are not aligned with the Moon; in fact, they only appear on moonless nights--a possible indication of antipathy?

Moon goons are raiders. They arrive in balloons--or what have the general appearance of balloons--but the gondolas are slung from spheres of a dull metal, lead-like in appearance. Investigation of a capture sphere reveals them to be hollow, but does not reveal from whence they derive their buoyancy nor their motion horizontal motion. Each gondola carries 2-3 moon goons. They arrive in groups of 2-4 balloons.

On those nights of the new moon when the moon goons strike. They disembark from their craft, weird things of spindly, bone-white limbs, faintly aglow, and mumbling, unintelligible speech from unmoving lips. They pray on small, isolated villages or farms. The valuables that interest them are often not particularly valuable at all--at least not in the strictest monetary sense. Sentimental value seems the be the primary quality evident in the things they steal.

Moon goons try to put the humans they rob to sleep with the silvery metallic rods they carry. The slumber they produce is plagued by strange nightmares. Humans that prove resistant to their rods or harm one of the moon goons raiders, may find themselves on sharp end of their scalpel-like knives

#Enc: 1-3 x 4  AC: 3 HD: 4 Attacks: 1 (sleep on failed saving throw, or 1d6).


Jim Shelley said...

Nice imagery! I find the detail about them only appearing on moonless nights especially intriguing.

Scott said...

Don't lie, you only did this so you could describe a platoon of Moon Goons with spadroons in a balloon.

Trey said...

@Jim - Thanks1

@Scott - And would that be such a bad thing, really? ;)

Gothridge Manor said...

Hmm, I think I know they moon faced guy like that. Here I thought it was a 'condition'. When I made a slightly offensive joke I woke up in the morning, pockets inside out, $50 gone and they took my shoe laces.

R Parker said...

Very cool. Reminds me of HPL's Dreamlands stories. I'd like to see the Cats of Ulthar face off against these dudes.

Trey said...

@Robert - Thanks! That's fits well. a Dunsanyian sort of vibe was sort of what I was aiming for.

Justin S. Davis said...

I can't believe I missed these.