Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Twas the Fight Before Yule

Last night's Weird Adventures Holiday Special opened with our heroes (Don Diabolico, Cornelius Doyle, and Boris Brovksy) getting a visit from the kid gang known as the Hardluck Hooligans: Knuckles (the tough one), Da Brain (the smart one), Freckles (freckles), Topper (oversized tophat), Juniper (tomboy in an aviator helmet), Sunshine and Smiles (creepy, somber kids), and the Kid in Yellow (weird kid from Little Carcosa) and a couple of others. As Knuckles explains it, the kids want to hire our heroes to capture the anti-Yule spirit, the Grumpf.

It seems the Grumpf beat some of  the Hooligans with switches last year and they want revenge. They want the the creature captured so they can put him on their on trial. From a piggie bank, they offer some gold coins stolen from an adventurers' haul as payment.

After determining that it's genuine, Diabolico confiscates the coin they offer, calling it a retainer. How are they going to find the Grumpf, though? Da Brain has it all figured. His calculations predict that Grumpf will appear for the first time this season in Donander Plaza, around the skating rink.

The guys start planning. They get a big cage from a circus; and a net gun, a grappling gun, and one of the experimental electro-guns they used before from Hew Hazzard (which will cost them a favor later). Their lovely administrative assistant, Lola DeWytt, gets drafted be ice-skating bait. The Hardluck Hooligan Marbles will be another selection on the buffet.

Evening falls on Donander Plaza with the gang in their places. The Grumpf shows up and ignores the bait, but instead starts shredding the Plaza's 80-foot Yule trees (one that's magic and sings). Grappling guns, net guns, and electro-blasts are fired, but the Grumpf is only briefly hobbled. Diabolico is licked in the face. The Grumpf bounds away, cursing.

The chase is on! Diabolico is driving a motorcycle with Boris in a sidecar. Boris finally gets him with a net gun. Then the guys lay into the bound eikone with crowbar and boot. When he's good and dazed, the gang drags him back to the Hooligans.

Turns out the kids have a Yuletide dinner prepared. Our heroes join in. Doyle doesn't want to turn Grumpf because he wants to put him on display, King Kong-style, but he's overruled by the others. Our heroes are presented with their payment: five gold coins total (equating to about $35.00 each).

Thirty-five dollars each. Only Doyle makes any move when the Grumpf breaks free and starts switching the Hooligans. We "iris in" on a disgruntled Boris and Diabolico continuing to eat their dinner.


Jack Guignol said...

Kid gangs are no joke; I once saw two sweet schoolgirls throwing bottles at a homeless guy yelling GET A JOB in Elephant & Castle.

Gothridge Manor said...

It was a great success for Team Victory. Capturers of Mythological Beasts, Conquerers of Robot Armires, and Finders of All Things Lost.

We're going to need a bigger business card. Fun game last night Trey. The kids were hilarious.

R Parker said...

If I was Boris or Diabolico, I'd be keeping an eye out for this guy:

Trey said...

@Jack - A cautionary tale, for sure.

@Tim - Glad you enjoyed it.

@Robert - Yep. That probably wouldn't turn out to good for those guys.

'gina said...

I declare, I can't believe those gentlemen from Victory Detective agency took those children's money. Tsk, tsk, boys. That's just tacky. What would your momma think about that?

By the way, I met y'all's receptionist. She seems nice.

Glad y'all had better luck then we did, though. My boys got themselves good and whupped, came staggering back all hangdog and stove up. Hmph. Reckon it all worked out in the end, though.

Merry Christmas!

Oh, and Mr. Trey, had a fine old time. Thanks again!

-Ms. Rue LaCroix

Trey said...

Why Miss Rue, thanks for stopping buy. I enjoyed the chance to see you guys try to make right what Team Victory left dangling.