Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unidentified Guardian Statue

So I'm traveling back from a conference today and trying to sneak by with a lazy post--but I saw this interesting statue and was sure it had to be some some of living statue guardian thingie waiting for the proper trigger to activate it.

I mean, check out those eyes!  Anybody got any ideas what sort of monster it is?


Gothridge Manor said...

It's a Manta-Chu, Guardian of all Planes. It exists on all planes at once usually tethered to location when the planes intersect. Their eyes are ever changing and see all in all planes.

Or it is one of a pair of book ends.

Trey said...

If so they're bookends for some really large books: it stood nearly 5 ft. tall!

Gothridge Manor said...

Maybe bookshelf ends then.

Legion said...

Mmmm, five foot tall books.