Sunday, December 30, 2012

Secret Santicore: Welcome to Hexopolix

Ian St. Lawrence says: ".I would like very much if my Secret Santicore could create a city." Ian also specifies that city should be in a volcano or by one and gathers its power or a natural resource from the volcano's lava!  

With those orders, Legion McRae set to urban planning:

Follow the link for the full description of the city.


side view:

Also, check out Stefan Shirley's "So You Choose To Flee" Tables over at the Secret Santicore Blog!


The Angry Lurker said...

Secret underground lair of a bond villain as well!

Legion said...

Hi Trey,
Can you please change "HELIOPOLX" to "HEXOPOLIX"?
Thanks either way.
I must have left an orphan typo in there. Sorry 'bout that.

Trey said...

Done. Sorry I missed that the first time!