Monday, December 3, 2012


This is Mingus Rooke, club owner, jazz musician, and former adventurer. He's rendered here in a Chester Gould-ish style by Lester B. Portly. Here's Rooke's stats in WaRP:

Mingus Rooke
Famous former adventure; Owner of the Blue Hound club in Solace

Black man, mid-50s, gone a little soft since retiring.

Attack: 2 dice
Defense: 3 dice

Jazz Musician, 6 dice (jazz slang)
In the Know, 3 dice - Well-connected to the adventuring, music, and magical communities. (he's always got a story)
Musical Magic, 3 dice - Can great various spell-like effects via music. Must be able to play his horn or another instrument to use this ability. Range is generally 2 x die roll yards, though this may vary with effect, at the referee's discretion..
Not as Young as He Used to Be - Any exertion that goes over 2 rounds results in a penalty die.


Gus L said...

Mingus is a great NPC - totally fulfills the Old Adventurer as mentor/patron role.

Trey said...

Thaks, Gus. I'm rather fond of Mr. Rooke, as well. I imagine he'll show up in future game sessions.

garrisonjames said...

You forgot his discography...

What songs is he most well known for playing? Does he still make records?

Trey said...

Good points, Jim! I'll have to think about his catalog. He doesn't make records now, though he occasionally will play at his club.